internal_speaking2I sometimes speak for food—and clothing. It just depends. Here are some of the topics I enjoy talking about.

Lessons from “The Last Apostle.” What you can learn from the life of the apostle, John.

Three Powerful Storytelling Methods to Improve Your Writing or Speaking. I talk about three easy methods you can use to improve your storytelling. Read this post on Blogging Bistro to learn more.

Wooing Your Wife. After ten years our anniversary celebration had lapsed into routine, until a tip from friends turned it into one of the highlights of each year. If your marriage is less than inspirational, maybe I can give you some ideas. Part of this talk is based on a November 2008 article I wrote that was published in Focus on the Family magazine.

Why we Serve. I spent four years as a missile officer, pulling duty 60 feet under the Montana prairie. What was it like to be doing that job when we thought the Cold War would last for decades to come, or turn into a hot war any day? I finally realized why we serve, on the day I stood on the Berlin Wall.

Basic Speaking Skills. I was known as the guy who couldn’t tell a joke, who stuttered in front of crowds of two. Since then I’ve won awards in both humorous and public speaking contests. I can teach you the basics to get you started on the path to speaking with confidence.

Shepherds Wanted. You can’t change the world–or can you? How a teacher made a difference in the life of this career klutz, and how your own actions can have lasting effects.

Did something I wrote about interest you or your group? Let’s talk. Maybe there’s an interesting presentation in it. Contact me.