In Trouble

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From my desk I had a clear view of the guard station in the atrium entrance to our office building. One morning a delivery man caught my eye–a delivery man with a bouquet of a dozen red roses in a white vase. Although deliveries like this were a common sight on Valentine’s Day, it was unusual the rest of the year. The security officer signed for them and then picked up the phone. After a short conversation he put the receiver back down. I turned away from the distraction and returned to my work.

Moments later a young woman that I worked with walked up to the security desk. She smelled the flowers, signed a ledger the guard pushed toward her, and picked up the vase. I watched her pass through the atrium back to our office area.

As she passed my desk holding the roses in front of her like a trophy I asked, “Someone in trouble?”

She flashed me a smile. “Not anymore.”

I may not know the whole story.

But I do know it had a happy ending.