Three Fun Facts About The Last Apostle

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The Kindle version of The Last Apostle is on sale for 99 cents through March 7. I’d greatly appreciate your help getting the word out.  Sometimes you can get cuts of movies that have commentary from the director with inside information about the film. I also love to go to to find out fun facts.  I’m going to share some […]

How Did You Meet Your Mate?

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My wife and I taught a marriage preparation class where our favorite icebreaker question was, “How did you meet your future spouse?” Common answers were, “Through friends,” “In a bar,” or, “We were classmates.” But the answer from one couple, which I’ll share later, has always stood out in my mind as the story to […]

The Flavor of Manna

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Help sometimes comes from unlikely places. One friend told me about being down to crumbs in the pantry when an anonymous grocery gift card arrived in the mail. Last week I was scouting a remote area for a snow shoeing trip when I came across a fireman whose truck battery had died and was able to […]

Everyday is Valentine’s Day?

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Ten months after Laurie and I started dating we had our first Valentine’s Day together. We were both freshman at the University of Washington and commuted together to the campus. During a break between classes she presented me with a card to celebrate the occasion. Like a typical clueless college boy, I had neglected to […]

Romance in the Ring Tone

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You can tell a lot about a person from their ring tone. My default ring tone “Who Let the Dogs Out” by the Baha Men is an indicator of my University of Washington Husky roots. But after our recent thrashings on the gridiron I might want to change it to, “Please Release Me (from my […]

Sacrifices, Sacrifices

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Every few years Laurie and I go to Ashland, Oregon with Julie, a college friend to enjoy a few plays at the Shakespeare festival. We often tie in a short rafting trip and other excursions in the southern Oregon countryside. In the early years of this tradition we traveled with Julie’s parents. When Julie’s mother […]

Right Words, Right Time

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When you say something can be even more important than what you say. My best personal example of that principle was when my wife, Laurie and I lived in Germany during the waning days of the Cold War. It was common to meet friends at the local Gasthaus where excellent German beer was cheaper than […]

No More Boring Anniversaries

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Our Anniversary Trip to Mount St. Helens  A version of this article appeared in the November 2008 edition of Focus on the Family Magazine. After a decade of marriage, our anniversary celebration had fallen into a rut. Laurie and I had grown to love each other deeply, but the annual commemoration of our wedding had become […]