No Tourist Left Behind

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Greek Sunrise “I saw them heading this way from the restaurant. How could they get lost? It’s only fifty yards away.” We were sitting on a tour bus on the island of Corfu experiencing one of my pet peeves of travel: the tourist who makes the entire group wait for them. Our guide had given […]

Traveling the Eastern Mediterranean: Corfu and the Dogs of Greece

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If you happen to be a stray dog, I highly recommend you move to Greece. From the island of Corfu to the top of the Acropolis in Athens there seems to be a well fed population of strays that roam the streets and spend most of their days in siesta time. Evidently they’re unaware that […]

Traveling the Eastern Mediterranean: The Walled City and the Rocket

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During a visit to the walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia we saw two common elements of life in the Eastern Mediterranean: Towns founded by people who lived in fear of pirates and Saints who had no peace, even in death. Dubrovnik is a medieval city in what was once Yugoslavia. One theory of the founding […]

Keeping the People In

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The East German snipped off a one foot section of barbed wire and passed it to me through a hole carved in the reinforced concrete wall. That wall, was the Berlin Wall. I stood on the West Berlin side of the wall only a few yards from Checkpoint Charlie. He sat on a stool in East […]

Traveling the Eastern Med: The Truth About the Islands of Venice

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During a two week cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean I had the chance to see places that I’d only read about or seen in movies. It’s an incredible experience walking in the footsteps of civilizations that were ancient before the Europeans even traveled to the Americas. Plus I learned some pretty interesting things that you […]

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