A Kernel of Truth

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Popular novels often have an element of truth in them that makes them at least semi-believable. They use real places, persons, historical events, or myths that let the reader believe that even if it’s fiction, it could have happened. How about a legend involving an 11th Century English King, his ring, and a still living […]

Three Fun Facts About The Last Apostle

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The Kindle version of The Last Apostle is on sale for 99 cents through March 7. I’d greatly appreciate your help getting the word out.  Sometimes you can get cuts of movies that have commentary from the director with inside information about the film. I also love to go to IMDB.com to find out fun facts.  I’m going to share some […]

The Big Story

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I’ve neglected my story telling blog recently because I’ve been working on a bigger story, a longer one, a novel about 95,000 words long. I recently entered my manuscript into a contest for unpublished fiction writers. I was optimistic because an earlier version of the same story had placed third in an international on-line contest and […]

Writing “More” Than You Know

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Amanda of MacGregor Literary recently posted a great “Write What You Know” article on their agency blog. Personally I believe you can extend “what you know” by both experience and observation. During a recent trip to the Eastern Mediterranean I had the chance to watch people in many different situations and wonder about what motivated them. On the […]