The Christmas Eve Death March

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“I feel sorry for people who have no real Christmas traditions and wonder if they sometimes  feel as though the holiday is just another hectic, confusing, and stressful time of year; rather than a peaceful and serene season.” Mike Huckabee in A Simple Christmas No series on my Christmas traditions would be complete without covering […]

The Clever Railroad Engineer

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Long before the days of cell phones a clever railroad engineer in my hometown of Auburn, Washington, devised a method to signal his wife that he was almost home. When his train had passed the old  Neely Mansion heading west on the Northern Pacific line he blasted two toots on the engine horn. His home […]

Romance in the Ring Tone

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You can tell a lot about a person from their ring tone. My default ring tone “Who Let the Dogs Out” by the Baha Men is an indicator of my University of Washington Husky roots. But after our recent thrashings on the gridiron I might want to change it to, “Please Release Me (from my […]

Snack for a Killer Whale?

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Before a recent kayaking trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands near Victoria, BC, I asked a question that’s puzzled me for a long time: “Why don’t killer whales think of humans as just another snack?” These spectacular marine mammals sometimes feed on great white sharks or whales. They’re even aggressive enough to snake their way […]

The Case of the Missing Kindergartner

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One of the fellow members of my Toastmasters club told a great tale about a kindergartner who was “missing in action” on her first day of school. I asked her to share this story as my first guest blogger. Judi walked up the street to the same corner at 22nd and Larch Way where her […]

Plight of the Old Dog

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Getting old stinks, but I’m not talking about me. Rascal, our cocker terrier mix will reach 15 years this October—about 103 in dog years. He used to run up to seven miles with me and be ready to keep going. Several years ago his vet put an end to that. Too hard on the old […]

No Tourist Left Behind

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Greek Sunrise “I saw them heading this way from the restaurant. How could they get lost? It’s only fifty yards away.” We were sitting on a tour bus on the island of Corfu experiencing one of my pet peeves of travel: the tourist who makes the entire group wait for them. Our guide had given […]

Oh No, My Dad’s a Project Manager

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What happens when a project manager uses his skills–to raise his children!

Traveling the Eastern Mediterranean: Corfu and the Dogs of Greece

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If you happen to be a stray dog, I highly recommend you move to Greece. From the island of Corfu to the top of the Acropolis in Athens there seems to be a well fed population of strays that roam the streets and spend most of their days in siesta time. Evidently they’re unaware that […]

Traveling the Eastern Mediterranean: The Walled City and the Rocket

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During a visit to the walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia we saw two common elements of life in the Eastern Mediterranean: Towns founded by people who lived in fear of pirates and Saints who had no peace, even in death. Dubrovnik is a medieval city in what was once Yugoslavia. One theory of the founding […]

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