The Case of the Missing Kindergartner

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One of the fellow members of my Toastmasters club told a great tale about a kindergartner who was “missing in action” on her first day of school. I asked her to share this story as my first guest blogger. Judi walked up the street to the same corner at 22nd and Larch Way where her […]

Right Words, Right Time

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When you say something can be even more important than what you say. My best personal example of that principle was when my wife, Laurie and I lived in Germany during the waning days of the Cold War. It was common to meet friends at the local Gasthaus where excellent German beer was cheaper than […]

Giving Away Your Birthday

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How many times have you asked someone, “What do you want for their birthday,” and they’ve replied, “I have everything I need.” Frankly, that’s true of most of us. We have what we need. There may be things we want or desire, but certainly don’t need. On the recent occasion of my birthday I asked for […]

Keeping the People In

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The East German snipped off a one foot section of barbed wire and passed it to me through a hole carved in the reinforced concrete wall. That wall, was the Berlin Wall. I stood on the West Berlin side of the wall only a few yards from Checkpoint Charlie. He sat on a stool in East […]

Real Value for Your Dollar in this Season

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As a project manager, I’m charged to make sure that my customers get the most bang for their buck. As we enter the biggest gift giving season of the year, we should consider the fact that many givers fail to get even the base value of their dollars when they buy something for their loved […]

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