Three Fun Facts About The Last Apostle

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The Last Apostle - 3D smallThe Kindle version of The Last Apostle is on sale for 99 cents through March 7. I’d greatly appreciate your help getting the word out. 

Sometimes you can get cuts of movies that have commentary from the director with inside information about the film. I also love to go to to find out fun facts. 

I’m going to share some stories behind The Last Apostle based on questions I’ve been asked and little known facts. Today:

  1. What Seattle landmark in the book is actually in Tacoma? In most cases the book uses real physical locations. Often, I walked the site to take in the scenery and make it more realistic. For example in chapter 1: Piggot Auditorium, the Dale Chihuly sculpture, and the reflecting pool—all real. But in that chapter John is heading to Doyle’s Public House on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle to meet Scott his—well, you’ll find out when you read the book. The only problem is that Doyle’s is located in—Tacoma. I was originally going to have him meet at The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen but that name just doesn’t roll off your tongue. I love the Rock and the owners are great guys, but I chose to use Doyle’s, which is actually located a block away from us in Tacoma. A great hangout—especially for soccer fans.
  2. What name in the book is made up? All of the names from both the modern day and first century timelines in the book are real names, with one exception. When I was in third grade we studied Greek mythology. As an assignment we had to write a Greek style myth. I created a story with a hero named Aprius. I was born in April and Aprius is a derivative of the name of the month. My elementary school assignment is lost to the ages, but Aprius lives on.
  3. Is the couple that John watches in the first scene, a cameo of Laurie (my wife) and I? Our friend Kellanne read the first scene and thought the happily married couple John watched in the row ahead of him closely resembled us. She mentioned that Alfred Hitchcock always had a cameo in each of his movies and Clive Cussler does the same in his Dirk Pitt books. Kellanne thought maybe I had done the same. The answer is, “not on purpose.” The description of the couple deeply in love, that generates a yearning in John, does resemble us—except for the grey in Laurie’s hair. But it wasn’t intentional. But maybe in future books I’ll add a cameo on purpose.
An unintentional cameo?

An unintentional cameo?

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