The Strength of a Story

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This article originally printed in the July 2011 issue of Toastmasters Magazine. Reprinted by permission of Toastmasters International. My ship was on the reef, snapped in two like a dry stick; I was face down in the boxing ring and the referee was about to count “Ten.” In short, my speech was bombing – big time. […]

A Season for Pirates

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Here in Seattle tis the season for pirates, and not just the kind that prey on Microsoft. Our big Seafair festival which ended on Sunday with hydroplane races and performances by the Blue Angels, features a group called the Seafair pirates at many events. Our office even had a pirate day at the office last Thursday. […]

The Rocket and the Jet

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When the space shuttle Atlantis landed in July it marked the end of an era in space flight. As a kid I followed the space program with deep fascination and this milestone was sad. This last mission of the shuttle program also reminded me of two stories that connected me loosely to the space program. [youtube […]