The Quirky Relatives

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A friend told me about his Michigan cousin who scheduled his wedding to be on a Saturday morning. An unusual time for a marriage ceremony, but it seems that was the only way the the newlyweds would be able to attend the local tractor pull that night. You might understand their priorities. To me, it […]

Sacrifices, Sacrifices

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Every few years Laurie and I go to Ashland, Oregon with Julie, a college friend to enjoy a few plays at the Shakespeare festival. We often tie in a short rafting trip and other excursions in the southern Oregon countryside. In the early years of this tradition we traveled with Julie’s parents. When Julie’s mother […]

Snack for a Killer Whale?

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Before a recent kayaking trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands near Victoria, BC, I asked a question that’s puzzled me for a long time: “Why don’t killer whales think of humans as just another snack?” These spectacular marine mammals sometimes feed on great white sharks or whales. They’re even aggressive enough to snake their way […]

The Case of the Missing Kindergartner

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One of the fellow members of my Toastmasters club told a great tale about a kindergartner who was “missing in action” on her first day of school. I asked her to share this story as my first guest blogger. Judi walked up the street to the same corner at 22nd and Larch Way where her […]