A Kernel of Truth

October 11, 2016By dennisbrookeThe Last Apostle, The Writing Journey

Popular novels often have an element of truth in them that makes them at least semi-believable. They use real places, persons, historical events, or myths that let the reader believe that even if it’s fiction, it could have happened. How about a legend involving an 11th Century English King, his ring, and a still living … Read More

Look to the Goal, and Stay out of the Ditch

December 20, 2014By dennisbrookeBuilding the Best Relationships, Doing the Right Thing, Leadership, Leadership from the Middle, The Writing Journey

I took a motorcycle class to get re-certified and learned an important principle that goes way beyond riding two wheelers. The instructor emphasized over and over in both the classroom and on the course that when you’re making a turn you want to look through the turn—look where you’re going—and not at the obstacle near … Read More

Writing is a Team Sport

November 16, 2013By dennisbrookeThe Power of Story, The Writing Journey

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Northwest Christian Writers Association, which I joined in 2007. Following are the notes from my talk. Links to segments of the video are provided in the text. Six years ago I showed up at my first Northwest Christian Writers Association meeting. I was excited because I … Read More

A Gift for Making Friends

October 1, 2013By dennisbrookeBuilding the Best Relationships

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson Why do some people have a knack at connecting with others? Over the last several decades my wife and I had a chance to observe one person who had this gift—my mother-in-law, Patti Scarrah. Patti started to go blind over a decade … Read More

How to Get Paid to Sing Karaoke

August 14, 2013By dennisbrookeUncategorized

A friend asked me last weekend why I didn’t show up for the men’s choir practice at our church. I replied that my singing was so bad that, when the crowds get a bit unruly, some local bars hire me to come up and do a karaoke number at closing time to clear out the place. … Read More

The Power in the Pause

July 24, 2013By dennisbrookeThe Power of Story, The Writing Journey

Inexperienced story tellers and speakers often rush through their narrative as if they were a rodent on crack–and overlook the power of pacing. A well placed pause can add suspense and conflict to a tale. For a great example of this let’s turn to the classic movie, Casablanca. One of the most famous movie lines of … Read More

The Secret of Success

July 17, 2013By dennisbrookeUncategorized

“Eighty percent of success is just showing up.”  Woody Allen Every great cause requires a person to step forward and make that dream a reality. Several years ago I had the pleasure of working with a leader who underestimated her ability to make the dream of a critically ill young man come true. In 2008 … Read More