The Race

June 26, 2012By dennisbrookeJust for Fun, Travels of The Road Warrior

When I was a boy our family would gather around the TV each Memorial Day weekend to watch the Indy 500. Mario Andretti, A. J. Foyt, and Al Unser were some of the super stars of the sport in those days. Inspired by the big race my two brothers and I would race our own … Read More

Almost English

May 23, 2012By dennisbrookeJust for Fun, Travels of The Road Warrior

Years ago I worked on a project for ING Bank in Sydney, Australia. Due to a happy coincidence I lived in a million dollar apartment for the two month duration of the gig with a systems engineer from my company. The apartment belonged to the family of the ING program manager and he made it available … Read More

Everyday is Valentine’s Day?

February 14, 2012By dennisbrookeBuilding the Best Relationships, Doing the Right Thing, Just for Fun, Travels of The Road Warrior, Wooing Your Wife

Ten months after Laurie and I started dating we had our first Valentine’s Day together. We were both freshman at the University of Washington and commuted together to the campus. During a break between classes she presented me with a card to celebrate the occasion. Like a typical clueless college boy, I had neglected to … Read More

A Season for Pirates

August 9, 2011By dennisbrookeJust for Fun, Travels of The Road Warrior

Here in Seattle tis the season for pirates, and not just the kind that prey on Microsoft. Our big Seafair festival which ended on Sunday with hydroplane races and performances by the Blue Angels, features a group called the Seafair pirates at many events. Our office even had a pirate day at the office last Thursday. … Read More

The Christmas Eve Death March

December 31, 2010By dennisbrookeJust for Fun, Travels of The Road Warrior

“I feel sorry for people who have no real Christmas traditions and wonder if they sometimes  feel as though the holiday is just another hectic, confusing, and stressful time of year; rather than a peaceful and serene season.” Mike Huckabee in A Simple Christmas No series on my Christmas traditions would be complete without covering … Read More

Snack for a Killer Whale?

September 7, 2010By dennisbrookeJust for Fun, Travels of The Road Warrior

Before a recent kayaking trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands near Victoria, BC, I asked a question that’s puzzled me for a long time: “Why don’t killer whales think of humans as just another snack?” These spectacular marine mammals sometimes feed on great white sharks or whales. They’re even aggressive enough to snake their way … Read More