Do you enjoy the inspiration, wisdom and joy that come from a good story?

I served seven years as an Air Force officer. My duties took me to Berlin when the wall was coming down. I spent a day in the skies as a “spy,” and spent many alerts 60 feet under the prairies of Montana as a missile officer.

I stumbled accidentally into a career as a project manager, where I learned to specialize in bringing order from chaos. I’ve also learned to inspire people to excel at their work and lives. My favorite career though has been as happy husband to a woman who brings out the best in me. I currently live and work just south of Seattle.

Until someone proves me wrong, I’ll claim to be the only person to have been published in both Combat Crew and Focus on the Family magazines. And no, it was not the same article.

I speak on topics including Wooing Your Wife, Why We Serve, and Web 2.0 and Project Management. I’ve won awards for humorous speaking, after starting as the guy who could not tell a joke.