The Power in the Pause

July 24, 2013By dennisbrookeThe Power of Story, The Writing Journey

Inexperienced story tellers and speakers often rush through their narrative as if they were a rodent on crack–and overlook the power of pacing. A well placed pause can add suspense and conflict to a tale. For a great example of this let’s turn to the classic movie, Casablanca. One of the most famous movie lines of … Read More

The Secret of Success

July 17, 2013By dennisbrookeUncategorized

“Eighty percent of success is just showing up.”  Woody Allen Every great cause requires a person to step forward and make that dream a reality. Several years ago I had the pleasure of working with a leader who underestimated her ability to make the dream of a critically ill young man come true. In 2008 … Read More