The Museum Piece

July 25, 2012By dennisbrookeJust for Fun

The clerk at Massey’s Grocery Store looked down on my curly haired head. Like most five year old boys, I wasn’t tall enough to see anything but the front of the counter, but I could see the shiny dime he was holding out to me. I took it, and knew exactly what to do. When … Read More

The Dog on Pogo Sticks

July 11, 2012By dennisbrookeJust for Fun

When we took Rascal, our long-legged, cocker terrier mix to dog obedience classes, the instructor took one look and called him, “A cocker spaniel on stilts.” More like a cocker spaniel on pogo sticks.  Soon after we adopted Rascal we learned that he not only lived up to his name, but he had a phenomenal … Read More