In Trouble

April 26, 2012By dennisbrookeUncategorized

From my desk I had a clear view of the guard station in the atrium entrance to our office building. One morning a delivery man caught my eye–a delivery man with a bouquet of a dozen red roses in a white vase. Although deliveries like this were a common sight on Valentine’s Day, it was unusual … Read More

Large Pepperoni, but Hold the Nukes

April 17, 2012By dennisbrookeUncategorized

Think about the oddest “wrong number” phone call you’ve received. I remember picking up a voice mail left by  a panicked homeowner—who was looking for a plumber. I guess the “Dennis & Laurie can’t come to the phone…,” didn’t make it clear we weren’t the local Roto Rooter. I hope they didn’t drown trying to … Read More