The Great April Fools’ Caper

March 29, 2012By dennisbrookeUncategorized

Too many people wait for leadership from the top when it is often in their own grasp. I’d like to share a story about when desperately needed leadership came from the middle. I was working for a startup that was suffering from a layoff hangover from “right sizing” many months prior. As one of my … Read More

The St. Patrick’s Day Brewery Tragedy

March 17, 2012By dennisbrookeJust for Fun, Tall Tales

Excessive celebration on St. Patrick’s day all too often leads to tragedy. Our family has a legend about a horrible one involving my grandfather, Dick Cavanaugh. As a young lad he worked after school in a small brewery in a little town in the shadows of Mount Rainier, sweeping and running errands. Imagine this scene one … Read More