The Quirky Relatives

September 21, 2010By dennisbrookeUncategorized

A friend told me about his Michigan cousin who scheduled his wedding to be on a Saturday morning. An unusual time for a marriage ceremony, but it seems that was the only way the the newlyweds would be able to attend the local tractor pull that night. You might understand their priorities. To me, it … Read More

Snack for a Killer Whale?

September 7, 2010By dennisbrookeJust for Fun, Travels of The Road Warrior

Before a recent kayaking trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands near Victoria, BC, I asked a question that’s puzzled me for a long time: “Why don’t killer whales think of humans as just another snack?” These spectacular marine mammals sometimes feed on great white sharks or whales. They’re even aggressive enough to snake their way … Read More