Disaster on the Trail

June 25, 2010By dennisbrookeUncategorized

Last year our anniversary trip had all the makings of a disaster. I had carefully planned, or thought I had, a two day bike ride from North Bend to Seattle. In the weeks prior Laurie and I even took a few long bike rides. She didn’t know at the time that those were really training rides for … Read More

Extracting Your Foot from Your Mouth

June 21, 2010By dennisbrookeJust for Fun

As someone who is very familiar with the taste of my foot, I admire those who are clever enough to pull their own out without leaving a trace of saliva. Last Saturday I attended a memorial gathering for an Aunt who had passed away in November. I realized that I was the oldest cousin there, … Read More

Writing “More” Than You Know

June 17, 2010By dennisbrookeThe Last Apostle, The Writing Journey

Amanda of MacGregor Literary recently posted a great “Write What You Know” article on their agency blog. Personally I believe you can extend “what you know” by both experience and observation. During a recent trip to the Eastern Mediterranean I had the chance to watch people in many different situations and wonder about what motivated them. On the … Read More

Trapped in the Air Traffic Control Tower?

June 14, 2010By dennisbrookeJust for Fun

When I was an Air Force Airfield Manager in Germany the top three stories of our tower were so small that a fire in the base would have prevented the crew from using the stairs or elevator. They would have been trapped. Fortunately, the Air Force has emergency escape systems consisting of harnesses, ropes, and … Read More